Advanced caries or accidents can cause the loss of a tooth. A gap that involves physiological and aesthetic problems to be taken into account. The solution is the dental implant and in Gadir Dental we are specialists.

Problems in our mouths can affect our daily life. This is the case of the absence of a dental piece, which influences the morphology and mobility of the dental arches. The best way to solve it is with a dental implant. If you are looking for dentists Dothan AL, you might want to click it.

Why can a tooth be lost?
It may be due to advanced caries, an accident, inflammation of the tissues that support the tooth, absence of tooth formation, systemic diseases, medication…

To replace it what we do in Gadir Dental is to fix a screw-like element in the maxillary bone of the jaw, installing on it a crown, bridge, or prosthesis, thus improving your dental health, chewing, and aesthetics.

What happens if a dental implant is not placed when a tooth is missing?
The consequences of the loss of a tooth are more important than they seem. The first of these is the inclination of the other teeth towards the gap left by the missing tooth.

This changes the way of biting, producing interferences when closing that cause us to clench our teeth. Problems also arise in the articulation, muscular tension in the face and neck, etcetera.

Since there is such a gap, the food impacts directly on the gum. This leads to eating on the side that has no gaps, causing wear and overload on that side of the jaw.

The natural repositioning of the teeth (inclined towards the new gap) causes spaces to appear in which food debris and bacteria can accumulate.

In addition to affecting the digestive process, it can also have consequences on phonetic and esthetic ability. It is not just that your smile is missing one or more teeth. If the loss occurs in the lower front area, it can cause the lip to sag and can even change the shape of the face.

What are the advantages of dental implants?
It is the ideal treatment to effectively and esthetically replace a single piece without having to touch any neighboring teeth. In case of complete dentures that move, it is the best solution to retain them and improve the quality of life of patients.

At Gadir Dental we are specialists in Implantology. If we have specialized in it is because we consider that they have a high degree of biocompatibility, improve the appearance of the face and speech, optimize chewing function and provide a natural smile.

For more information about this treatment, you can click here. Besides, to know your case we invite you to make an appointment at our dental clinic, the first consultation is free.

And if you are worried about the price of dental implants in Tegueste, don’t worry. We have different options and payment facilities. So do not hesitate, your health comes first.


Christmas is usually celebrated around a table. That’s why we give you 4 simple tips so that your oral health is not affected.
1- Dental kit around your neck
If you receive visitors, you are the visitor or you meet at the usual bar, there will be something to eat and drink. Sugar, carbonated beverages, and alcohol (not forgetting tobacco) will usually be common ingredients. An explosive cocktail for your oral health that requires a little extra care to get you through the Christmas season in good shape.

Besides, you will probably have a lot of lunches or dinners away from home, so we recommend that you always carry your Dental Kit with you, consisting of a toothbrush and toothpaste, floss, and rinse. Ah! The most important thing is to use it after every meal and, above all, before going to bed.

2- Can I eat hard nougat with implants?
The answer is yes, if your dental implant is in good condition you can eat anything. Moreover, from Gadir Dental we always recommend chewing dry, hard, and fibrous foods that are that favor bone development, that the teeth are repositioned in their correct place, and favors the movements of the temporomandibular joint.

On the other hand, if you are in the middle of orthodontic treatment with braces, not only can you not go near hard nougat, but you should also avoid soft nougat and sticky treats. Believe us, your oral health will thank you.

3- Wear a smile like new
Prepare to put your smile to work these days of reunions with colleagues, friends, family … And what better way to do it than with a smile that looks like new thanks to teeth whitening. A simple treatment thanks to which we will eliminate all those substances that are altering the original color of your teeth.